Bruscia Farm

Our winery obtains wine from the processing of grapes from certified and controlled organic farming. We are engaged in organic farming because we want to preserve nature and not to pollute the environment, the productions are controlled and certified by the Ente Suolo e Salute. Cantina Bruscia is one of the first Italian organic winery.

The quality products “without compromises” are born from the ” eco-friendly” management of the vineyard, respecting the nature of the landscape. In the Cantina Bruscia the wines are the result of direct application without any room for trends or doctrines but the ancestral work of the winemaker.

If you are looking for an organic wine from the Marche region, Cantina Bruscia will meet your demands because our wines are made exclusively from organically grown grapes. Geology explains the nuances that can be found in the hills of Pesaro even when comparing wines produced from the same grape varieties. Each hill is a potential, a different, unrepeatable perfume; the “respectful” oenology “tailors”, the contour… this is how wine is made!

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