History of Cantina Bruscia

The Azienda Agricola Bruscia is a family-run business, typical of the Marche region, and for generations has been affirmed in agricultural production. In recent decades it has grown considerably to dedicate itself with utmost professionalism and great enthusiasm in wine production, building a new cellar of over 800 square meters, ensuring excellent quality of its D.O.C. wines.

In Spicello – a small hamlet in the municipality of San Giorgio di Pesaro (PU) counting roughly 33 inhabitants, not far from the village of San Costanzo – was born the first vineyard of the Bruscia family, planted by Bruscia Osvaldo, the eldeast son of Bruscia Vittorio and Adele Filippetti. They had four children: Osvaldo, Tullio, Dina and Dino. Tullio and Dino were the two founders, as well as pillars of the Bruscia farm. Dino Bruscia and his two sons, Davide and Paolo with Stefano and Modeastino, who are the sons of Tullio Bruscia, who currently work on the farm.


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